Many people and organisations have helped us introduce our programs in schools around the world. Here we focus on the key people and organisations who together have made everything possible.


Youth for Science Foundation, Tunisia


The Youth for Science Foundation started a Pilot Program in Tunis where Alaya Bettaieb (Founder) and Leila Zahmoul (Board Member) were the mentors in our Inventorsatwork program. In March 2016, Dick Wife was invited to train 24 highly motivated teachers from different regions of Tunisia.In Nabeul, the best idea owners from the Pilot Program presented their ideas to the teachers. Thanks to Alaya and Leila (circled in the picture) and the Youth for Science Foundation, we can look forward to many years of collaboration to reach all those creative kids in Tunisia.


VYSOKÁ ŠKOLA BÁŇSKÁ, Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic


In 2012, the Inventorsatwork program began in the schools around Ostrava in the Czech Republic. The VSB centre led by Lenka Mynářová (right circle) appointed Anna Krausova (left circle) as project leader who inspired more than 1,200 kids to become inventors. In 2016, the program continues in its 4th year with Jiří Arleth as project leader. Long may they continue !


Pavel Jirman


2008 also saw the first Inventorsatwork program begin in the Czech Republic at a school in Liberec. It was Pavel Jirman who realised how this program would inspire Czech kids. Pavel later introduced the program in Hradec Králové and this led to the program being taken up in Ostrava where it is now in its 4th year. Czech kids  also have terrific ideas and thanks to Pavel they continue to amaze us with their creativity.


Miranda Xu & Fred Fang

Fred & Miranda

In 2008, what is now the Inventorsatwork program started in China. The program leaders were Miranda Xu and Fred Fang, two highly motivated and energetic young people in Chang Sha (Hunan Province). The first school was GaoJiaFang school, a vocational school with 3,000 students. The program was an outstanding success and the kids had highly creative ideas to make their world a better place.


Pim Nolet


Pim is a graduate in Civil Law (Leiden) with an MBA (Delft/Rotterdam). He is a logistics and ICT entrepreneur with an impressive track record and now focused on Port Community Systems in European countries, at the cutting edge between public and private sectors.

Since 2004 Pim, has been Chairman of the Kids and Science Foundation. With his entrepreneurial experience, he leads the team stimulating young people to examine the problems as well as see opportunities around them. This is the first step in harvesting the latent creativity of young people who develop their innovative ideas in Kids and Science programs.


Dennis Liebman


Dennis was educated in the Netherlands and obtained his degrees (Masters, PhD) in Chemical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. His work experience in a variety of mainly technology related roles has been at Dow Chemical in Europe and the US, as well as at Nuon (Amsterdam). He has a broad experience in synthetic materials, energy and water related issues.

Since 2004, Dennis has been a board member Kids and Science Foundation. He has tirelessly supported all Kids and Science programs, always present in the schools and also lobbying for support from Dutch Ministries.


Michiel van Gent


Way back in 2004, the first Inventorsatwork program began in the Waldorf School (Free School) in The Hague with the class of Michiel. Then we called the program “My Better World” and for two weeks the kids developed their ideas to make our world a better place. Each day was a new adventure and Michiel, because he is such a good teacher, helped me develop the sessions which we still follow. For many years, this program was repeated with the first-year classes at the school. Take a look at the kids and Michiel during the first 2004 program.