Parents & Teachers

The Kids and Science Foundation is based in the Netherlands. Since 2004, our Inventorsatwork program has run in schools in the Netherlands, China, the Czech Republic and Tunisia. We have inspired more than 5,000 children to come up with innovative ideas which make the world around us a better place.

In the Inventorsatwork program, we help them to explore, research and then to innovate. In just a few days they will have new and creative ideas of their own! Then they choose the best idea to develop further, working with experts from companies and universities.

Here are some of the great ideas so far:

  • A mobile phone for people with epilepsy, recognizing an epileptic attack and alerting the people who can provide the help so urgently needed.
  • A rollator/wheelchair in one, making life much easier for elderly or disabled people.
  • Street-name signs that light up at night using solar energy gathered during the day.

Now, we offer everyone the opportunity to follow our program with online support from us – at your schools or in your homes. In the online Inventorsatwork program, they will be in a team and will be coached by a student mentor from a local university. We select these students very carefully with child security as a top priority. Before the program begins, we encourage parents to join their children in the first meeting with the student at the university. We also encourage parents to follow the progress of the team through the program.

Soon, we will establish the Young Global Network, a worldwide virtual community where children can share their ideas and experiences. Here they can work together and receive help from company and university experts. Help us build the Young Global Network!