Are you inquisitive, always looking at what’s going on around you? Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur? Then Inventorsatwork is just the program for you! We help you to explore, research and then to innovate. In just a few days you will have a new and creative idea of your own! Then you choose the best idea to develop further, working with experts from companies and universities.

Here are some of the great ideas so far:

  • A mobile phone for people with epilepsy, recognizing an epileptic attack and alerting the people who can provide the help so urgently needed.
  • A rollator/wheelchair in one, making life much easier for elderly or disabled people.
  • Street-name signs that light up at night using solar energy gathered during the day.

Since 2004, the Inventorsatwork program has run in schools in the Netherlands, China and the Czech Republic. Now, we offer everyone the opportunity to follow this program with online support from us – in your home or at your school.

At or near your home, you follow Inventorsatwork in teams of three. You are coached by a student from a local university who also helps you find and work with the experts you will need. You visit the local university at the beginning and at the end of the program. After a month or so, your creative idea will have been developed far enough for you to present it to the world – as your invention! Inventorsatwork runs for around one month and, if you want to, you can carry on working on new ideas for as long as you like.
Tell your teachers about Inventorsatwork and why you want to have this program run in your school. We can give your teachers the online training required to run Inventorsatwork. We also provide online support while the program is running. After one week, you can start preparing to present your great idea within your school and later to the whole world.