Young Global Network

The Inventorsatwork program helps kids explore their world and to keep asking questions. Here they research how everything they see actually works; how did these things get here and who uses them? They uncover problems as well as see opportunities which soon become their inspiration to innovate and come up with their own creative ideas; ideas which make the world around them a better place to live in. The kids then develop their innovative ideas with assistance from companies and universities.

Now we want to give kids a platform where they can share and develop their innovative ideas with other kids, anywhere in the world. This is the Young Global Network – an online community for kids all around the world online and in/out of school. Here they can also share their experiences and their opinions about the latest hi-tech and lifestyle developments. The Young Global Network is where they want to be and where they can spend as much time as they like.

We need Stakeholders.  We need ICT stakeholders who provide the Young Global Network platform and interactive tools. Other stakeholders can monitor what the kids are thinking and what they have posted (Trendwatching). Stakeholders can also ask their opinion on things that matter to them (Consultancy). Stakeholders can also Engineer Change by working with the kids to develop the best ideas further, perhaps as far as a commercial product or process. Helping these kids also provides stakeholders with New Insights into their own business activities. And stakeholders demonstrate their Corporate Responsibility in a society where technically trained people are so important. What the kids bring to the Young Global Network becomes a rich educational resource. It will inspire many more kids around the world to become involved in the years that follow. For them this is a lot more than a social networking site; it is a platform with a purpose.

Become a stakeholder – help make the Young Global Network happen.